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last update 24 July 2022 - SHATPS members only
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5 December 2021    


New Tristan da Cunha book Nothing Can Stop Us by our members Neil Robson and Richard Grundy (co-chair of the Tristan da Cunha Association)


The book is commemorating the sixtith anniversary of the evacuation of Tristan da Cunha. It covers the impact of the volcanic eruption in 1961, explores the Tristan experience over the year that have followed, and closes with the reflections on the community's future.


It has just gone on sale at GBP20 (TDCA members at GBP15). All profits go towards the TDC Association's purpose to support the island community and provide grants  for the futher education of its younger people.



Click on this link for more details








17 November 2021    


New SHATPS Secretary


The previous secretary Klaus Hahn (2012-2021) handed over his office for private reasons to John Coyle, whe is also the editor of our South Atlantic Chronicle, appointed by President Ray Lloyd.

In the current election of the Executive Board, the name Klaus Hahn should therefore be replaced by John Coyle.

Klaus is staying a board member and is still acting as Webmaster.




9 August 2021      


SHATPS 45th Anniversary DVD


The 45th Anniversary DVD is now available for members and non-members.


Read more about the rich content of this DVD, which can be ordered through SHATPS publications




3 June 2021     


The former SHATPS member Dr. Groten offers a Zoom webinar on August 5, 2021 Thu. 06 PM (NY time) St. Helena from Napoleon's Exile to 1876

The link for registration for the Zoom lecture is above.



14 February 2021     


New SHATPS secretary wanted


SHATPS is still looking for a member who can and wants to take over the position of secretary. The position could be taken over by appointment in a timely manner.

The support of the incumbent secretary is assured.

You want to know more about the tasks of the secretary? Then have a look on the society's bylaws.

You are interested? Please contact the current secretary Klaus Hahn.



14 February 2021      


Updated SHATPS history


In connection with our society's 45th anniversary year (2021), Ted Cookson has updated the SHATPS document, A History of the St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society, written by Michael D. Mueller and Mrs. Vivian W. Finne and followed by a chronology compiled by Ted Cookson. The chronology was completed up to mid-2016 when published in Forty Years of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philately in 2016. However, the current version now stretches into early 2021.



 7 February 2021


The update of the SHATPS DVD software is a bit delayed due to technical problems.




20 January 2021


February South Atlantic Chronicle


Due to worldwide restrictions, especially in areas severely affected by the coronavirus, mail delivery may be delayed which will also affect delivery of the February Chronicle.


With the February newsletter, you receive the access data to download the PDF journal.








19 January 2021


Dr. Russell V. Skavaril Award 2021


The secretary and webmaster Klaus Hahn has received the Dr. Russell V. Skavril Award for outstanding service to SHATPS.

Being the secretary and webmaster myself, I sincerely thank those involved for this.







8 December 2020


Yahoo stops all Yahoogroups. So we offer alternative society communication - see here





7 September 2020


Tristan da Cunha - List of Ship's Visits between 1506 - 1900


We need your support to complete the list, which you can download at the bottom of this page




17 May 2020       

Our new SHATPS flyer






New SHATPS self-adhesive individual stamps ...     


... printed by German Post. Available as postage on the SHATPS PPCs or mint. Please ask the secretary for details. The red imprint "Specimen" is not on the stamps.










06 April 2020


Ray Lloyd has started a "Virus Blog" with contributions to Tristan da Cunha philately. The e-mails can be received via the SIG TDC2.

Do you want to join the SIG TDC2 as a SHATPS member? Then send a short e-mail to secretary@shatps.org

In these difficult times with "home office" of most of our members it helps to bridge this difficult time.





23 January 2020  


The new Chronicle will be ready for shipping next week, as will the download option for society members that will be displayed when the February Newsletter is sent.

You can see a table of contents of the page S. Atlantic Chronicle



16 January 2020   


In December 2019 elected and 2 weeks later we got his resignation, Neil Croll from Canada.

Lee Bryant (U.K.) made himself available and was appointed by our President as the new Director-at-large.


Lee, you are very welcome.




13 January 2020    



We have elected until 15 December 2019 - and have 2 new Directors-at-large:


Neil Croll (Canada) and

Daniel Ascension - nomen est omen (France).


They are most welcome to the new SHATPS team.


The webmaster




 24 June 2019                 



Our society officer and SIGS leader (A1 and A2) John Woolven-Allen is giving a talk and presentation on the stamps of Ascension in case any members might be both interested and able to attend.

The talk is a scheduled event of the Plymouth Philatelic Society and will be at: St. Edwards Church Hall, Home Park Avenue, Pverell, Plymouth, PL3 4 PG at 1900hours on Wednesday 3rd July. The evening opens from 1830hrs, from which time a dealer will be at the club offering all sorts of material.

Admission is free and guests should just make themselves known to a member and thereby to the Chairman. The talk is in two halves with refreshments and a raffle in the break. 





2 December 2018             





18 November 2018  


New Vice President

Effective immediately, Mr. Graeme Robertson, Scotland, is the new SHATPS Vice President.




24 August 2018   


Tristan da Cunha article in German

In the journal of the German BDPh (German Philatelists) an article about the stamps of Tristan da Cunha was published in the September issue. The article is written in German language and available as a BONUS article on the "SHATPS members only" page.



20 August 2018  


New Director-at-Large appointed

We have a new Director-at-Large. At 19 August 2018 John K. Laurie/U.S.A. was appointed by our President Ray Lloyd for Director-at-Large until the end of this term (31 December 2019). He is the successor of Francois Friend, now Vice President.



8 August 2018     


August South Atlantic Chronicle & Newsletter

Shipping of the August South Atlantic Chronicle is delayed. The Newsletter will be sent today




29 July.2018      


New SHATPS President and Vice President - Director-at-Large wanted

Due to a reorganization of the board, we have a new President and Vice President - see Current Officers


And - our Society needs a new Director-at-Large. Do you want to take responsibility for our Society? Then please contact our President or the Secretary.


The term of office runs until 31 December 2019. There is not much work involved in the office.


You can read more about the tasks of a Director-at-Large in our constitution and bylaws.



16 June 2018     





New - a SHATPS Ascension postcard and the suitable Deutsche Post stamp


All members will receive this plain card with the August issue of the South Atlantic Chronicle cost free.

For $3 or a donation of $5 you will receive this card or our St. Helena / Tristan da Cunha postcard with a matching SHATPS stamp sent to your address.

Please contact: Secretary


The plain postcard is enclosed with the August issue of the South Atlantic Chronicle. 




7 June 2018    


New SHATPS Privacy Policy


From 25 May 2018 new regulations come in force how we have to collect and manage data and information about our members. SHATPS will be adopting these new regulations.

Many of our members are currently being asked by many companies and organisations to give a declaration of consent to the storage and processing of their personal data.

We ask for exactly the same declaration.


What we had to do:

- to adopt our privacy policy to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

- to add the privacy policy for our website


And what you as a SHATPS member have to do:

- as part of the changes, SHATPS will need you to confirm whether or not you accept the storage and processing of your data. You have received the SHATPS privacy policy and a declaration of consent by email. We therefore ask you to support us and to send us the declaration of consent that was sent to you in May 2018.

Please save us unnecessary and time-consuming reminders, because failure to implement the GDPR can result in penalties for the secretary and thus for the society.


You find the new SHATPS Privacy Policy here together with an online consent declaration for SHATPS members.




3 April 2018    





6th edition of the Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha


Stanley Gibbons released the 6th edition of the St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Catalogue.

The price at Stanley Gibbons: £17,95















31 December 2017   


We are able to accept credit card payments


.... you do not need to open a PayPal account for your payments to SHATPS.

If you use the yellow BUY NOW button on our Membership page you can decide to pay with PayPal - or with your credit card. You have to enter your credit card data in the online form and our PayPal Agent Ted Cookson will receive your payment via PayPal.

A great improvement for all members who are not willing to open a PayPal account.


The 2018 membership fees are due at 1st January 2018. If not already done, please send your subscription dues now - many thanks!






New SHATPS publication now available


The new SHATPS book "Tristan da Cunha - A Listing of Ships' Visits Between 1901-2016" is now available and details of how to buy it are published on the page Society publications.






SHATPS Facebook group



All friends and members of the St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic society are cordially invited to join our Facebook group, originally founded by our late member Barbara Kuchau and now moderated by our member Joseph Frasketi.

Actually we have 76 members with a great number of non-members.


On the group page you find news and interesting stories round our 3 islands with some beautiful photos and videos. Come and enjoy!






Tristan da Cunha - change of registration labels


Perhaps you wondered about Tristan da Cunha registered mail in the past weeks? No Tristan R-label but instead a GB R-label? What happened?

The Postmistress of the Trista da Cunha Post Office Iris Green told that the ISO-code "TA" has gone to "SH". Until this matter is sorted they are using U.K. labels.










This software has now been updated and the availability of articles now runs to the issue of November 2015. The software is available as a two-DVD set, and can be ordered from our Secretary, Klaus Hahn, and will be distributed by Ted Cookson. The software is extremely simple to use, and will run on any Windows PC using Windows Vista, or Windows 7 onwards: it has also been used on an Apple Mac in Windows emulation mode.

For existing users of the software, the new version can be had for the cost of postage only: you will receive the two DVD’s and will need to uninstall the previous version and install the new version instead.
For new users, the full set will cost US35.00 for members, and US$55.00 for non-members, plus postage.

To order, please go to Society publications where you can see the shipping fees.



14 June 2016


New A.L. Innes booklet available


Our member and Boer War specialist Robin Woodruff has published a new booklet. If you are interested, you are warmly invited to order his publication.


Robin told us:

"My publication "A.L.Innes, Freemason, Photographer and Publisher, St Helena" is complete and ready to print once I get to the office on Thursday. 



It is an A4,  24pp booklet in full colour throughout and covers how I came across a photograph album of some 98 Innes photos of the Boer Officers and men, the POW's, personalities, buildings, scenes of the Island landscape etc bound in, plus 2 loose photos of the Members and Guests of St Helena Lodge 488 circa 1900, My research of these and Innes's Masonic record. 


This is followed by a comparison original images and some of the Post Cards he published from these images plus some additional Studio photos, one of shop and details of a piece of Postal history. His departure and information about the gentleman who ran his shop after he left and an image of his camera that is in my collection. Ending with a postal cover from Canada and 2 PPC's in Full Colour also produced by him."


The price for the Innes booklet: 7 £ + shipping


You can order the booklet from Robin: waldmeister1 (at) aol.com









28 September 2014


St. Helena Postal History 1677 - 1937


Please enjoy the St. Helena exhibition of our member Stefan Heijtz (19 MB PDF-file) - an accumulation of finest St. Helena postal history.





Michael D. Mueller's Powerpoint presentation from London 2010 available on line


Michael D. Mueller's PowerPoint talk,


"Eight Months on St. Helena, Three Weeks on Ascension, and Fifteen Days on Tristan da Cunha,"

is available online as an audio track and as an audio-visual Flash presentation. Mike's talk was delivered at the second international meeting of the St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society at the Hilton London Islington Hotel in London, England on May 13, 2010.
To enjoy this talk, click here. 




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